Monday, 7 December 2009

Corporate Trophies and Decanters are a touch of glass gifts

Corporate trophies and decanters used as promotional products or corporate gifts may not be a requirement for many companies and organisation but for those who choose these marketing gifts, they are sure to create a long-lasting impression.

A promotional gift which will be savoured for years to come and appreciated by all who receive them, proudly displaying an engraved corporate logo, or brand identity.

Including items such as a lead glass crystal trophy bowl, to crystal decanter and tot glass sets ideal for the whisky enthusiasts, corporate trophies and decanters will always tell more of a story than more ‘run of the mill’ corporate promotional items such as branded mouse mats, printed pens and pencils, or even corporate clothing and work wear gifts.

Consider the case of a golf club celebrating a centenary. 100 years of existence is a time to reflect and celebrate. It is common for an organisation like this to promote a series of events to mark such a special occasion in the lifetime of the club. There is most likely to be an Open week to celebrate the club and for all-comers to appreciate the finery on offer. Competitions and draws will take place and gifts will be given and exchanged with other clubs to mark the occasion. Items such as promotional crystal trophies are the perfect accompaniment for such events. Golf clubs, rugby clubs, Universities and other institutions will all have similar events and use similar strategies to remember their special events. The beauty of using promotional gifts such as corporate crystal decanters is that you can guarantee the wow factor from the recipient and the fact that your logo will be proudly displayed for years to come by the recipient of the prize / award / memento of the event.

Capable of displaying a large company logo or sales message corporate trophies and decanters are corporate event gifts which also work hard for your money. With a large branding area on many of these promotional items and the ability to laser engrave a permanent corporate logo, the idea that you might be spending unnecessary cash to promote your business should be the last thought on your mind. Many companies take the opportunity to display a striking series of sales messages, given such an opportunity that may not be possible with other lower cost and physically smaller corporate gift items.

Corporate trophies and decanters really are the promotional gift choices that are made to stand the test of time.

Monday, 30 November 2009


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Promotional Conference Folders are corporate gift choice for Christmas

Promotional conference folders represent a corporate gift choice ideal in many ways for the whole year.

In the approach to the ever-busy Christmas season their prominence as a promotional marketing gift choice comes to the fore. Comprising a host of materials, sizes and with a range of features to suit every need, promotional conference folders can represent the ideal corporate gift choice for Christmas.

The corporate Christmas season is seen by many as an opportunity simply to reward valued customers for their loyal support throughout the year but in doing so; marketing managers often overlook the benefits to their company much closer to home: your own employees! The beauty of using a promotional conference folder as an internal promotional gift tool being that your own employees can act as travelling advertising boards for your brand identity, your company logo proudly displayed on the promotional conference folder of your choice.

A corporate logo or brand identity can be replicated on promotional conference folders for the Christmas season (or any other time of year) by a variety of attractive means. Blind embossing is often used on leather and PU products such as the leather zipped business folder to create a subtle yet classy corporate imprinted promotional gift. By running your finger over the branded area, you can feel the indentation of your logo within the material of the product. Other popular forms of logo advertising on promotional conference folders include gold and silver foil blocking, such as you would see displaying the date stamp on pocket and desk diaries and also a screen-printed company logo on more budget items such as the Budget Conference Folder. The advantage of screen-printing a company logo on promotional conference folders is to display colour in your corporate branding materials.

To reward your important suppliers and more often than not, your valued customers is also a key part of the corporate desk calendar at Christmas. Depending on the amount of corporate gifts you intend to give away at Christmas will often dictate exactly which promotional gifts are chosen. For example in the case where a few very important clients are to be shown appreciation for their loyal custom, why not consider the Deluxe Leather Conference folder subtly branded with your company logo, or for a higher run of promotional conference folder give away, a promotional gift such as the Padded Conference Folder will form a tasteful and appreciated business gift choice.

Whatever the budget and whichever the choices made, your preferred corporate gifts supplier should be able to help you create a lasting impression using a promotional conference folder which will display your company details for years to come.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Corporate conference folders are essential promotional product choice

Corporate conference folders, promotional conference packs and marketing folders are all examples of promotional products designed to offer a practical everyday use with a valuable means of promoting your brand identity or company logo.

Using a selection of materials to suit every budget from luxury leather to low cost PU materials, corporate conference folders can be supplied in small numbers, in bulk, or somewhere in between to match the needs of companies of every size up and down the land. The practical and portable nature of these promotional advertising products means that displaying your company logo on a corporate conference folder will ensure you have created a long-lasting travelling advertising gift.

A typical marketing manager or public affairs consultant may choose to invest in this form of corporate branding material for a number of reasons. The traditional conference season at the beginning of the year is an important time in the corporate desk calendar. Corporate conference folders are commonly used to give to attending delegates as a means of taking notes, for collecting all papers and generally harvesting contacts which may develop during the course of the conference. Another key reason for marketing managers to consider the use of branded corporate conference folders is for companies with an external sales staff, those who make appointments and spend their time in meetings or generally ‘on the road’. Displaying your company logo and contact details, you ensure that your corporate brand identity is advertising on your behalf wherever your staff may travel for years to come.

The practical nature of corporate conference folders is also a major benefit as to their choice as a relevant promotional product. Combining items to include a promotional pen, a paper pad, a calculator, various pockets for storing or collecting business card contacts and other notes and files, corporate conference folders really do represent the multi-use promotional gift for every day. You may wish to consider also choosing a corporate conference folder with a zip facility to ensure that all your notes and files will not be lost as you travel from A to B.

The nature of branding on corporate conference folders is another appealing area for marketing decision makers. A classy embossed company logo on a traditional leather conference folder

turns a practical promotional gift into a valued corporate branding item, which will be appreciated and kept by all who receive it. Other forms of corporate logo branding on these popular promotional items include gold and silver foil blocking of your company logo and screen-printing of between one and more spot colour logos.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Promotional Tankards & Corporate Glasses are a Taste of Success

Corporate glasses and promotional tankards are a year-round promotional gift choice for marketing managers of large corporate organisations, sponsorship managers of sports clubs and fund-raising managers of charities up and down the land.

Using a bespoke engraved corporate image, you can create a corporate gift of supreme quality that will be appreciated for years to come at a cost that will often surprise and will certainly not break the budget, never mind the bank!

An ever-present in the corporate gifts market, laser engraved corporate glasses and promotional tankards can be used in various different circumstances and will always amaze the receiver due to the high-class corporate image portrayed. A large branding area available on these promotional products makes them a canny marketing investment choice. Utilising the fact that you are choosing a corporate gift which is both practical and advertises your brand identity for years to come, corporate glasses and promotional tankards will always remain a popular area of corporate image branding.

Scenarios for choosing these promotional products are widespread. From the whiskey manufacturer in Scotland that chooses to display their brand on the dimple base glass tumbler to celebrate an anniversary of the company, to the veterans association who organise their annual reunion and fund-raiser for old colleagues and families by choosing the large star beer tankard with the old regiment badge proudly displayed to help in the mission to raise those valuable funds. Universities and sports clubs are regular spenders in this area of corporate gift merchandising choosing items such as the lead crystal whiskey glass supplied in a superb satin-lined presentation box, as a corporate gift opportunity for their alumni or club members. These promotional products are an ideal choice for a huge selection of organisations and corporate.

Consider the scenario where a company is making a valuable presentation to a potential new customer in the corporate boardroom. What better way to create an instant impression than to offer each of your guests a glass of water using engraved Royal Brierley crystal tumblers and a lead crystal spirit decanter with a tipple of your choice at the ready to toast the deal when the agreement is made and the hand-shakes have been finalised.

A host of possibilities await the use of corporate glasses and promotional tankards, take a look behind the bar at your local golf club the next time you visit or attend the annual corporate golf day for further evidence of why this range of practical promotional gifts continues to make marketing decision-makers sit up and take notice.